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Discover the allure of Mandioqueira wood – sustainably sourced for elegant creations. Its unique grains and durability redefine excellence.

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Mandioqueira wood, responsibly harvested from the lush forests of Surinam, is a captivating choice that seamlessly blends aesthetic beauty and remarkable strength. With its distinctive grain patterns and deep, inviting tones, Mandioqueira adds a touch of sophistication to any project. The wood’s natural resistance to decay and insects, coupled with its exceptional durability, ensures that your creations remain timeless and resilient.

The heart of Mandioqueira’s appeal lies in its versatility. From interior designs to exterior applications, this wood thrives in diverse contexts. Its striking appearance enriches spaces, creating an atmosphere of elegance and warmth. Whether crafting intricate furniture, decking, or architectural accents, Mandioqueira lends an air of distinction to each endeavor.

Key Features:

  • Distinctive Grains: Mandioqueira’s unique grain patterns add depth and character to any design.
  • Natural Durability: Resistant to decay and insects, Mandioqueira wood maintains its strength over time.
  • Rich Color: Deep, inviting tones provide an elegant aesthetic that enhances any space.


  • Density: Mandioqueira’s density contributes to its robust durability, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Texture: The wood’s fine texture adds to its visual appeal, allowing for smooth finishes.

Common Uses:

  • Furniture: Craft enduring pieces that combine aesthetics and strength, enhancing both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Decking: Build durable and visually appealing outdoor decks that withstand environmental challenges.
  • Architectural Details: Create accents and elements that define spaces, such as elegant wall panels or door frames.

Sourced with sustainability in mind, Mandioqueira reflects our commitment to responsible forestry practices. Surinam’s forests provide the ideal environment for this species to flourish, allowing us to deliver a product that’s as eco-friendly as it is exquisite. By choosing Mandioqueira wood, you’re not only elevating your projects but also contributing to the preservation of our natural heritage.

Incorporate Mandioqueira wood into your designs and witness how its unique grains and durability redefine excellence. Let your creations stand as a testament to both your aesthetic sensibilities and your commitment to sustainability.

Additional information

Timber name

Mandio, Qualea rosea, Ruizterania albiflora

Vernacular names

,Balata / Massaranduba, Mandioqueira / Quaruba, Yakopi / Manau / Muneridan