About us

Our purpose and strategy

We believe all honest trading is driven by people with integrity, honesty and determination to improve their future and the futures of those around them. We believe it’s our obligation to give back to the environment, people and local economy. Therefore, we look for ways to empower the people around us by creating opportunities to realise their own vision for a better future – however modest or grand. Our purpose therefore is: Empowering people around us to create a better future and stay a step ahead in life and in business.

Following this purpose we have defined three simple promises that together form the customer promise and are part of our strategy.

Clear and easy

Timber trading doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Less is more. It’s all about honest products, plain language, fair prices and simple processes. That saves both time and money.

Anytime, anywhere

We work to get our products where our customers are. It should be possible to get our products anytime and anywhere.

Keep getting better

Life and business are about moving forward. We will keep looking for new ways to make things better. With new ideas, creative offerings and new approaches to make things easier for our customers. That way, we can all stay a step ahead.

Our strategy aims to create a differentiating customer experience, enabled by simplifying and streamlining our organisation, further striving for operational excellence, enhancing the performance culture within our company and expanding our delivery capabilities. Our focus is on becoming the primary timber provider for more customers through growing our market share and product portfolio.

Our environment

In all our activities, we carefully weigh the impact on our environment. We deliver high quality timber while taking interests of the forest into account.  We perceive our FSC certification as a testimony that the forest on our world can be maintained with responsible forestry. With responsible forestry, we protect the interest of the environment, plants, animals and show respect to local population and forest workers.