Bolletrie (BOL)

Experience the allure of Bolletrie wood – responsibly sourced from Surinam’s forests. Its unique character and durability redefine elegance.



Also known as:

  1. Massaranduba
  2. Bulletwood
  3. Balata
  4. Beefwood
  5. Manilkara bidentata (Scientific name)
  6. Brazilian Redwood
  7. Maka
  8. Cow-tree wood

Bolletrie wood, responsibly harvested from the rich forests of Surinam, stands as a tribute to nature’s artistry and endurance. Its remarkable blend of distinctive character and robust durability makes it a choice that elevates any project. The wood’s elegant grains and warm hues add a touch of sophistication to spaces, while its innate strength ensures lasting beauty.

The key feature of Bolletrie lies in its exceptional character, characterized by its distinctive grain patterns and deep, rich color tones. This unique visual appeal lends an air of sophistication and charm to both interior and exterior designs. Bolletrie’s innate resistance to decay and insects further enhances its allure, promising longevity and resilience.

Key Features:

  • Distinctive Character: Bolletrie’s unique grain patterns and warm hues add a touch of sophistication to any space.
  • Exceptional Durability: The wood’s natural resistance to decay and insects ensures lasting beauty and strength.
  • Versatile Aesthetics: Suitable for various applications, Bolletrie excels in both indoor and outdoor contexts.


  • Grain Patterns: Bolletrie’s distinct grain patterns create a visually appealing and unique appearance.
  • Color Tones: The wood’s warm hues enrich the visual aesthetics of any project.

Common Uses:

  • Furniture: Craft elegant and enduring pieces that capture attention and last through the years.
  • Exterior Structures: Enhance outdoor spaces with Bolletrie’s durability, such as decking, pergolas, and siding.
  • Architectural Accents: Add visual interest to interiors with accents like wall paneling and door frames.

Sourced with a commitment to responsible forestry, Bolletrie embodies eco-conscious elegance. Surinam’s forests nurture this species to perfection, allowing us to offer you a product that’s both exquisite and environmentally considerate. Choosing Bolletrie wood means embracing a sustainable choice that enhances your projects and contributes to the preservation of our natural resources.

Infuse your designs with the captivating character and enduring strength of Bolletrie wood. Let its unique grains and resilience redefine elegance in your creations.

Additional information

Timber name

Macaranduba, Manilkara bidentata

Vernacular names

,Balata / Massaranduba, Bulletwood / Balata / Beefwood / Iriar / Kobero / Purue, Macaranduba / Maparajuba / Paraju